Our production factory is located in Tallinn, Estonia.
We use compression moulding technology with RTM to produce carbon fiber sheets and

Advantage of RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) and Compression moulding technology:

  • Good mechanical properties (better strength and toughness than with hand laminating)
  • Finished surface on both sides of the detail
  • Increased precision
  • Lower price for series due to faster production speed
  • Environmentally friendly and non-harmful for workers (moulds are closed and toxic waste in work process has been brought down to minimum)
  • Fiber content up to 70%

We have two RTM press machines and one compression moulding press. First RTM press has maximum dimensions of 450x450mm and up to 5 bar pressure. Second RTM press has maximum dimension of 500x700mm and up to 10 bar pressure. Compression moulding press has maximum dimensions of 160x160x50 and 5-80bar pressure.


With RTM we produce carbon fiber sheets and custom shape details. We are also producing different diameter carbon fiber tubes with length up to 2m.


We use only high quality materials from same factories who produce raw materials for aerospace and automotive industry (Lamborghini, McLaren and Airbus ).

Fabrics: We use carbon fabrics 3k to 12k tow, weaving twill, plain, UD, diagonal. Also glass, aramind/Kevlar or Diolen fabrics.

Core: Divinicell, balsa wood, honeycomb Nomex or aluminium.

Matrix resin: High quality epoxy with good mechanical properties, Tg up to 80C.

Sheets: We make different sheets with different farics and thickness. Fiber content up to 70%.

Sandwich sheets: With carbon fiber skin and different core(usually Divinicell, balsa wood or honeycomb Nomex/aluminium).

Combined sheets: Outer layers real carbon fiber, inner glass fiber for cheaper price. Carbon fiber combined with aramid/Kevlar for better toughness.

Custom details cutting with big CNC milling machine, with maximum working area 2000x3000mm. We have cut many details for different projects for: drones, helicopters, race cars, drag bikes, robotics etc.